Rainlite Wooden Ceiling Fan (White, Silver, Bronze)

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The wooden variation of Rainlite comes in three colours to suit your interior and exude a Scandinavian vibe. This model comes in two sizes - 53" and 56" - as well.

This variation of the Rainlite model is equipped with our beautiful wood grain blades to give this fan a touch of timber and Scandinavian vibe. Our 3D Double Angle Wooden blade is built to ensure powerful wind delivery. Available in three different colours to compliment your interior. It is also equipped with the new 25W LED Tri-colour LED light kit. 

  • Model: CSL105 Rainlite 53
  • Motor: Crestar Super 188 Alumi Motor™
  • Housing: Metal Alloy
  • Blade: 3D Double Angle Wooden Blade
  • RPM: 85-230 / 85-220
  • Controls: Remote Control
  • Power: 3.2 / 3.0 meters per second
  • Light Options: 25W Tri-Color LED Panel


This is my 10th ceiling fan which I have bought from Crestar. Visited their showroom in Singapore and it was amazing as I got the opportunity to see the many different designs of ceiling fans (silver, matt, grey & black). I liked the sales service.

Mr Orlando


Excellent aftersales service rendered. I called on Monday and the servicing for my silver ceiling fan's DC motor was scheduled on the very next day. The fan was fixed in less than 20 mins. Super efficient.

Mdm Koh


Thank you Crestar for the swift response and professional sales service. It makes the whole sales experience sweet and efficient. I am very happy with my silver ceiling fan installed in my BTO flat. The DC motor is silent and saves energy.

Mr Tan